Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Card Tearing Ebook is Ready!

What will you learn with the Diesel Crew Card Tearing Ebook?

- 40+ pages of exercises that will give you inhuman levels of hand strength

- Find out how you can use push-ups to increase your grip strength and card tearing power

- How one simple technique can help you tear a deck of cards

- The #1 way to prevent injuries from card tearing

- Strengthen your hands while simultaneously strengthening your shoulders and biceps

- How things lying around your house or garage can be used to strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms

- Instantly improve your hand health with this simple recovery exercise on page 135.

- The importance of the extensor muscles and why you must train them in order to realize your full hand strength potential

- Learn the 3 exerices I do week in and week out that have kept my lower arms injury free since 2006

- Find out the card tearing hierarchy. What are the most difficult cards to tear? Which are the easiest? Go to Page 122

- Learn the recognized technique for measuring the hands - Page 123

- Avoid frustration by learning how to properly chalk your hands!

- Find out 4 basic card tearing techniques and 7 advanced ones, each complete with clear images and easy-to-understand directions

- Discover the Card Tearing Checklist - 5 mental points to run down in order to dominate every deck of cards in your path

For the many who have seen the Nail Bending Ebook-- You know what to expect. The best information from the Leaders in Grip. Act Now and pick it up at its opening price of $24.97.

Check it out here.

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  1. I picked it up last night - look great so far! Preliminary review, and results of my first attempts at tearing are on my blog now. I'll be putting up a more complete review in the next few days.