Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grip day 8 april 09

Some PRs for me. I lifted that dang 45 by the hub, which is nothing too special, i really have had problems with hub lifting for a while. My grippers felt good, pinching felt really good.

You know a year ago i struggled for solid closes with my #2 (no set than, i had no idea how to use a set) was hit and miss with pinching 25's and my Rolling Thunder was nothing special. Just by dedicating myself to more practice, i have been able to improve much this year.

I think the three things that have helped

#1-- Listen to those who are doing it. I bug Jedd all the time for more and more grip info. Some other people who have been a huge help with grip this year--Ben Edwards, who never hesitates to help someone out, Paul Knight who has crushed every gripper he puts his hands on, and Smitty who has put out the finest grip training videos on the web.

#2--Make it a priority. Really make it important. You have to WANT these things. Make them first, not an after thought.

#3-- Visualize the success. I know this sounds corny, but really believe you can do it.

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