Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Can We Serve YOU?!

Jedd Johnson and Adam Glass are here to serve YOU and get you stronger/leaner/meaner in the year 2009!

We want to know what YOU want from US! What topics do you want to read about here? Think this just about Grip? Wrong amigo! Lets look at some areas of special knowledge, what are we bringing to the fight for you

Baseball - conditioning, GPP, SPP, rehab, Prehab

Wrestling - All of the above plus special drills you have never seen that will make your opponents cry on the mat

Military conditioning - drills that will make you move better with your IMT, Shoot better, fight longer, Want to make that interceptor easy to wear again? Tell me!

Stone lifting

Strongman implements of all types

Kettle bells



Steel bending in all forms


Overhead pressing

The Odd lifts

The Classic lifts

We are at your disposel! So let us know!


  1. i would like to know about overhead pressing. rep scheme how many days a week to do it. adam like when you bup 106 what was the path to that?

    thanks pounds

  2. how much time do you do doing mobility work. How do you stay so injury free. What are some of the things that you guys do to keep you in the game?


  3. Damn I'm interesting in everything but off the top of my head:
    stone lifting (Atlas and wild stones)
    RT and other one-handed DL stuff
    what "pounds" said: what do oyu do for prehab and mobility?

  4. I want to see Adam bottoms up press Jedd. JK!!

    I think everyone would benefit from some talk about mobility and Z. I know what your up to Adam but sharing it would help alot of people to be better at the specific feat that they are working towards. JMO.

    Also some talk on program design that fits into the 2-3 week rotation. You should probably charge for that part.

  5. First off great stuff Adam, Thanks

    I would like to know where to begin with grip training. Been working with grippers, BUP, but that is about it. What are some of the basic tools and training to start with on grip to not gas out my other training.


  6. +1 Z (I have no idea other than that it relates to mobility)
    +1 integrating serious grip with other more general training

  7. I would love to hear about....
    Warm up and mobility Drills
    Power to the people program > Adam lets hear a review and some critiques seeing as you were on it?
    A beginners guide to learning grip strength

  8. i would like to know how to get ripped abs :)

    nah i would like to see bottoms up stuff and lots of it

  9. Adam,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and trying to tear cards with you at the April RKC. Still practicing my tearing bro. Getting better every week.

    I would obviously like to see a tutorial of how to tear for those who want to get started as well as nail bending. What nail to start with? how to hold? breathing? etc.

    Thanks bro. Talk to you soon.

  10. Phil,

    Buy Jedd's ebook:


    It's a great ebook packed with all the info your looking for about bending, nails, bolts, different grips, etc.

  11. I'm trying to increase my axle clean and press. I'm also recovering from a low back injury so I'd like to get back to deadlifting and prevent further injuries. Advice on clean and pressing a water filled keg would be helpful.